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I am, Liz Martin, the gal behind the lens of, Liz London Photography.  Why is your photography business called, Liz London? Well that's pretty simple. My name, Elizabeth/Liz Martin, it is a very common name. I mean we have two of us in our family. So I really couldn't use that. I wanted something that expressed me.


When I was in High School I visited London, England for the first time and fell in love. This was a city that expressed charm & class to me. And it was a city both my father & I really created some unforgettable memories. At one point I wanted to go to college & reside in London (but Aggieland was calling my name). So when I decided to name my photography business I wanted to convey the message with my name of class & charm, like this beautiful city. These are the kind of images I want to create for my clients. Timeless & classic. So Liz London was born.


After having our 3rd child we decided it was time for me to be home full time for our family. Most days you will see me trying to get my super mom cape on straight & conquer the day ahead of me without passing out. I love family, tradition, some good Korean food, puppies, sibling laughter, embroidery, & a good pretty font.  


I hope I can be part of creating everlasting memories in your special season of life.